Want to test your WP7 App on a real device?


If you have been following Brandon Watsons blog at http://www.manyniches.com I am sure you have come across his posts about Windows Phone 7 Device requests.




In a follow up post, he stated that distribution will be through the Evangelists in the field.

         “but there’s a whole team of evangelists who will be getting the phones to developers.” ( http://bit.ly/dwnovQ )


Guess what?  That’s me!!  Well, one of them anyway. To be clear, I only have a few right now so I want to make sure that as many people as possible are able to test their WP7 App on a real device.  I may have more in the next few weeks but we will see.  By the way, for those that do not know, I am a Developer Evangelist in Southern California, so you must be in this area.  But don’t worry, I can help point you to your local developer evangelist that may be able to help.


So, if you want to test your app on a device contact me at any of the following :


Daniel (dot) Egan (at) Microsoft (dot) com

@DanielEgan on Twitter

or leave a comment here on how I can contact you.


Once you do, I will send you an email with more info.


Happy Coding!!


Daniel Egan – DotNetDoc  – The Sociable Geek