My Top 10 Windows Phone 7 Apps (Jan)

Top 10

Within every marketplace/app store there are lists of Top Apps, Most Downloaded, New, Free, etc. but when I look at those lists, most of the applications that are on them are not for me. I thought I would start to compile my own list of Top 10 WP7 Applications.  I will do this on a monthly basis and see which applications rise and fall during the year as new applications come to the marketplace.

My list will be a combination of Free/Paid apps and also include games. I will also give you a reason as to why they are on my list so you know why they are there. So without further ado, here is my Top 10 Apps for WP7 for the Month of Jan 2011.

  10.  Coming in at number 10 is Yelp.  This application is a no brainer for finding not only places that are close to you (restaurants, bars, ect…) but also gives you the reviews of real people which helps you make good decisions on where to go an any given day/night.  Since I travel many weeks out of the year, it helps me find cool places while I am out of town.


  9.  Number nine on my list is Netflix. If you have a Netflix account this is really a fun application to have.  The reason that I have it as low as number 9 is because I don’t use it that often. For the most part, I like watching movies on a big screen (or at least a big tv) so I only use this application when I am waiting somewhere like an airport or Dr.’s office, but it is really handy to pass the time in those situations.


  8. Number eight is the only game on my list, Undercover Need for Speed. While I don’t consider myself a gamer, I still enjoy a cool game. This is one of the slickest games to come out so far on the WP7. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.  Great story, great controls and buying the stuff to speed up my car was cool. 


  7.  At number seven is Foursquare. Since I use foursquare quite often, this is a natural to be on my Top 10. I would rank it higher but it will sometimes stick when loading (I just reload it) and also (and this really bugs me), it does not have auto correction when you type your message to go along with your check-in. The reason it really bugs me is because to add that functionality, all you have to do is set one property, Inputscope=”Text”, and it would show up.


  6.  Number six could actually go either way between the one I picked WeatherBug and the Weather Channel.  Again, since I travel often, I like the ability to see what the weather is going to be like where I am going. It also is the first on my list to have Live Tile integration.  The live video cam streams are also cool.



  5. Number five on my list is probably one that most people have not heard of, It is called PhoneAlytics  and ties into my google analytic account to show me how my different websites are doing.  One of the cool features is the fact that it will update the live time with my stats so that I don’t need to go into the application if I just want the basic information.


Cocktail Flow Logo

  4. Showing up at number 4 is Cocktail Flow. The reason it is so high on the list even though it has some missing things (in my opinion) is because it is the slickest looking application I have seen yet on the marketplace.  The way the cocktail ingredients slide in from the side is really slick. If it had drink search functionality, it would then be complete.


image 3. What list would be complete without a twitter app.  Making the top three is Beezz. Beezz not only has Tile and Toast notifications but also is the slickest of the twitter apps out there. I love the fact that if I shake the phone from anywhere in the application, the tweet window will pop up.


2. Sliding in at number 2 is I know that this is not the application for everyone but I love being able to be in any neighbor hood and check what the home prices are based on my geolocation. If I am taking a walk and see a for sale sign, I pull out the phone, fire up the app and in seconds I can see the price, pictures and everything else I wanted to know about the house while standing in front of it.

1. The Amazon Kindle app.  I know for a fact that this will drop in the rankings in the coming months but for now, I am so happy with my Kindle that this app has shot to the top. It is not so much for the app itself, but it is the fact that I can read something on my kindle and if I am out, it will sync exactly where I left off to my phone.  It also makes it easy for me to find books people suggest to me so I can read them on my Kindle later.


Well, that’s the Top 10 Windows Phone 7 apps for January 2011.  We will see how this list stacks up next month as more and more applications vie for my limited attention span.


Enjoy – Daniel Egan – The Sociable Geek