Windows Phone Database Tutorial

[image2.png]When creating applications for the Windows Phone, there is one basic thing that almost ALL applications need to do, Save Data. If its more than just small bits of data you will probably want to store it in a database. In Windows Phone, this can be done easily, but in different ways.  One of the people on my team Jerry Nixon who is a developer evangelist on my team wrote a great series on this.  The first one is using the Code First approach.

Storing Windows Phone application data is a pretty normal requirement. If you want it to persist across sessions, or even phone reboots, you really have three options:

  1. Save to the Cloud
  2. Save to Isolated Storage
  3. Save to Local Database

Each is correct for certain scenarios. But in this article, I will ONLY walk through the Local Database. This is an enhanced version of SQL CE – meaning your SQL skills are an asset. And, if you don’t have them, they …

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