The Tale of 3 Platforms

It was the best of times… it was the worst of times….  ok..ok… it is really the best of times to me.  The tech world continues to push all things into a mobile format and I am loving it.

I certainly have my opinions on operating systems, and ease of development, and best IDEs etc… but I thought I would put this to the test with a multi platform development approach.  Starting next week, I will be doing the same application on all three platforms (or possibly 6 if I include IPad, Android Tablet and Win 8 later).   The application is called Uncorked, and it is a way to log and rate your wine collection.  It will include the following features :

1) The use of a Wine API to store my data

2) The ability to scan my bottle to either look up or rate the bottle

3) Room for tasting notes

4) Saving of label pictures

5) And a few data points, price, when to drink by, purchase date, and info about the wine.

V1 will keep it simple so we can write all three in a quick fashion (I hope).

I will start from absolute 0… Brand new machine ( which I will blog about), install of tools, testing, patterns, etc…

I will not be using Phone Gap for this project ( But will be doing another series along side this one using phone gap and a different app)

Feel free to comment, make request, help out, debate, or just read the series.  I hope you get as much out of it as I hope to.


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