Installing Windows Phone on Win 8

If you have installed windows 8 and want to do development on windows phone using the Windows Phone developer tools, you will need to have an actual device since the emulator at this point does not play nicely with the Hyper V installed on Windows 8.  But since I installed it on my main machine, I still want to do phone dev on it.  If you try to install the Windows Phone SDK 7.1  you may run into the following error.


If you have this error come up, here are the steps to get around it.

Download and install the latest version of the Games for Windows – LIVE



Click on CLOSE when it ends.

Rerun the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 setup and choose to repair it.  This will re-run the previously failing XNA  Game Studio installers.


To learn more about why this works, or if this does not fix your issue, Check out Aarons blog post on getting it to work on Windows 8

When done you should see this.


And you are good to go (with a real device that is)… I am working on seeing if I can get a work around for the emulator.  I will let you know.