Free Windows Phone



Are you looking for a Free Windows Phone?  Are you a developer?  Do you live on the West Coast of the US? (CA, AZ,ID, WA, NM, CO, NV, OR, UT)  Then I have a phone for you. (Read Below)  If you have been looking for a free windows phone to do development on then all you need to do is contact me.  Email me at and I will send you all the details. (INCLUDE WHERE YOU LIVE in the email or I will not respond  — too many emails :)  )

I want to be clear on a couple of things.

  1. I am getting these phones to developers that are writing applications for the marketplace
  2. I have a limited supply (First ones to get me the info I need)
  3. You must live on the West Coast of the US  (CA, AZ,ID, WA, NM, CO, NV, OR, UT)

If you do not live on the West Coast of the US, I can try to find your windows phone champ for you.  Just post the request here :

This does not mean that they will have a phone for you, but if you are developing for Windows Phone, you WANT to know your windows phone champ.  If they don’t have phones, they may know someone who does ( I repeat, I am not saying they have phones Smile , but they may know a way.  Either way, they are a great resource for you. )

So all of you West Coasters, get your Free Windows Phone while they last.  Email me at for the details. UPDATE :  PLEASE INCLUDE WHERE YOU ARE FROM SO I DONT HAVE TO ASK YOU IN EMAIL. (Slowes down the process)

PhoneGap for Windows Phone


If you are writing your phone applications using HTML5, you will want to check this out. PhoneGap has released an update to work with Windows Phone.  What PhoneGap does is allow you to write your phone application in HTML5 and still access most of the Native API’s and wrap it in a Native application wrapper so that you can put it in the marketplace.  This means you can write your application cross platform.

You can download it from here :  or just watch the video below for more information.

Windows Phone 7.5 Training Kit

Windows PhoneThe new Windows Phone 7.5 Training Kit have been released.  This time there is a Basic Version and an Advanced Version of the Windows Phone 7.5 Training Kit

You can download both of them here :


The Basic Labs Include

  • Hello Windows Phone
  • Building your first Windows Phone 7 Application
  • Windows Phone Navigation and Controls
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Using the Pivot and Panorama Controls
  • Accessing Windows Phone 7 Devices
  • Game Development with XNA Framework
  • Discovering Windows Phone 7 Device Capabilities
  • PhotoFun
  • Launchers
  • Choosers
  • Weather Service Push Notifications
  • Using Bing Maps

The Advanced Labs Include

  • Catapult Wars Lab
  • Multi-Touch Game Development with XNA
  • 3D Game Development with XNA Framework
  • Using a local database in the “Tidy” application
  • Background Transfer Service in the “Tidy” application
  • Fast Application Switching in the “Tidy” application
  • Creating Notifications in the “Tidy” application
  • Adding Multitasking to your application
  • XNA 3D Model Viewer
  • Search Integration
  • Background Audio Agents

You can download both of them here :