Bring on the WP7 Games

I admit it! I am not a gamer. Or at least I have not been one since my last game of Zaxon. But things are about to change.  Between Kinect for XBox 360 coming out and all of the games that are going to be on the now Wp7, I am sold.


Check out this mini montage of WP7 games.



Or go to the engadget story to get the lowdown on how cool the experience is on the WP7.  Judge for yourself and let me know what you think. 


Daniel Egan – DotNetDoc

Multi-Touch Magic

Windows 7 Multi-touch Demo

As many of you know, Windows 7 will be released soon to the general public.  One of the feature that you may not be aware of that is built into the Windows 7 OS is Multi-touch.  It gives you the ability to use multiple hands/fingers to manipulate the applications running on your system. In upcoming blog posts (here or on I will show you how you create applications using this technology. This video goes through a few sample applications to show you some of the functionality that you can take advantage of in your applications. (And it is pretty cool too).  Make sure you check back for more in this series.


See you on the social scene…. Daniel

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Windows 7 Multi-touch – The Beginning

I was finally able to bring home the HP TouchSmart IQ816 to begin writing up demos on the Multi-Touch feature of Windows 7. It is a fantastic all-in-one machine with a beautiful 25 1/2” screen built using screen overlay technology developed by NextWindow (Which I will blogging about in a later post). In addition, this bad boy has an Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 processor 4GB Ram and 3/4 Terabytes of storage.   As you can see, it is such a large machine that I had to take over my dining room table to accommodate it.  Once I was able to get the correct NVidia drivers installed, we were ready to go. I will be posting videos of the coolness of this machine.  In addition, I will be doing a series on how you can use Visual Studio to write code against the multi-touch interface ( although you will find these on my development blog at .   Stay tuned for some cool video demonstrations of what you can do with this machine.

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