I attended DrupalCampLA last weekend (8/8/2009) and had a blast talking to people. We were there to show how easy it is to install Drupal on and windows web server (IIS) using the Web Platform installer.  Since we were a sponsor of the event as well, I decided to bring a Windows 7 Multi-touch machine to show everyone.  It was quite a hit.  Most of the attendees had never seen or heard about the multi-touch features of Windows 7.  A number of them were impressed with how it really made their websites come to life for demo purposes.  While I was there I was able to share information on Rob Bagby’s talk about how to integrate both Silverlight and Windows Azure into a Drupal Installation.

While I was in the sponsors room. I also took the time to quickly demo how easy it was to install Drupal on my Windows 7 Machine.

  • Install MySQL
  • Run the Web Platform Installer.
  • And you are ready to go.

Since most of the attendees were consultants that implemented Drupal for their clients, they were excited to find out that they could install it on IIS. This gives them a greater chance of landing clients and greater flexibly in the operation systems that their clients use.

All-in-all, it was a great event and a great time.


See you Socially ….. Daniel

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