The Web Role was started in a wrong port

imageOne of the great things about Windows Phone is all of the samples that are out there.  And topping them all is the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7 .  The toolkit gives you everything you need to develop a Windows Phone application using Windows Azure. I will do a full post walkthrough of using the toolkit, but I thought I would post about one thing that seems to be tripping people up when they are trying to get things up and running.

If you start the project and get the error Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request, the web role was started in a wrong port, You might scratch your head.  If you peek at the url you will notice that it is running on port 444 instead of 443


The reason it is doing this is because if it does not find port 443 open, it will increment by one until it finds an open port. If you look in your compute emulator you will also see the wrong port. Which is the reason it says The web role was started in a wrong port.  Because it was :)


So now, to fix this you want to see what is running on port 443.  To do this open a cmd window and type in the following netstat –aon

This will bring up a list of what is running on each port.


You want to look for anything that has a :443 at the end of it and look at the last column.  This is the process ID for the process that is using that port.

Next, open up Task Manager and look for the process ids that you found. ( You may need to go to View –> Select Columns first to add the PID column)



My offending applications were:

  • SQL Reporting Services (Which I shut down in Services)
  • TweetDeck
  • Skype

That fixed it for me… hope that helps