The Newly Designed

imageA funny thing happened on the way to my home page…. They changed it!  Well, kind of-sort of.  When I open up on my development PC, this is what I see. It’s much brighter than its predecessor and easier to navigate. In addition, it has added some cool social media integration into the lower right hand corner.


Not only will it show my Windows Live, Facebook, and Twitter feeds, but it will also let me post from hereimage as well.  I know this is not terribly new, but I did not expect it from It was a welcome surprise. 

Here is the funny part, not every user gets to see the new site. As a matter of fact, I get the old MSN page on every other computer in my house. In addition, when I do a Bing Search ;), I cant find anyone talking about it’s “New Design”. 

Finally, after searching every place I could think of, I found this one reference to it on its Wikipedia page , at the bottom of the page is this one line :


“On November 5 2009, Microsoft released a preview of their homepage and new logo. It’s expected to be widely available to over 100 million U.S. customers early next 2010.[21][22]


So, if unlike me, you don’t get the preview and want to see what it looks like, head over to

Let me know what you think.