Being a developer evangelist is a  fun filled and action packed job.  It takes me to new places and forces me to learn new things.  That is one of the best parts of my job, is learning new things, but it also keeps me very busy.  A few months back someone asked me what I did with my time when I was not working, or what were my hobbies?   It was interesting because I am in this profession (Software development) because I love it.  I live and breathe it, so I had to think about that for a few minutes because I realized I really was not giving myself time for my hobbies.   Besides spending time with my family, there are really things I like to do, and many of you I am sure are unaware of what they are.  Gardening (Vegetables) and Photography.

I have been wanting to spend more time with my camera ( A Cannon 60D) and so I thought I would take up the challenge that is set forth in A Photo A Day May.  Its simple, a photo a day for every day in march.  If you do a search for this you will find many lists that have been put together to help guide you (Although you don’t have to use these).  I selected the one you see here on the left.  So I will be posting one picture a day here (and probablly Facebook, Flickr, and Pinterest) for every day in month.  Wish me luck.  I dont think it is easy as it sounds. :)