Day 5 – Photo A Day May (Zoom)

OK… for those of you that are following this to see some creativity in photography, you may be disappointed in todays picture.

Ever since I looked at the list for May and saw that day 5 was Zoom… I  could not get out of my head the song from a T.V. Show that I used to watch when I was a kid call, what else, Zoom.  It was a poor mans Mickey Mouse Club.  It had a weird language called something like Ubby Wubby Nubby Tubby or something like that and had kids to a bunch of funny skits (well funny to me because I was a kid).

I really couldn’t find a good picture so to keep it in the theme, I took a pic of my screen :)













You can see the opening credits here :

It really brought back some memories. Does anyone else remember this?

Tomorrow is High Angle… .So I will get back to the “real” shots.