SoCal Social Week of 8/10/2009

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Every week I will be listing the Social Networking events happening in the coming week.  This is a list of the latest happenings in the Social Media/Social Networking/Start-up Space.  If you are having or know of an event that I am not aware of, feel free to let me know and I will add them to the list. (This week is a quick list. I am creating a module that makes this easier for future posts.)


See you Socially -  Daniel


Socal Social Events for the Week of 8/10/2009





Windows 7 Multi-touch – The Beginning

I was finally able to bring home the HP TouchSmart IQ816 to begin writing up demos on the Multi-Touch feature of Windows 7. It is a fantastic all-in-one machine with a beautiful 25 1/2” screen built using screen overlay technology developed by NextWindow (Which I will blogging about in a later post). In addition, this bad boy has an Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 processor 4GB Ram and 3/4 Terabytes of storage.   As you can see, it is such a large machine that I had to take over my dining room table to accommodate it.  Once I was able to get the correct NVidia drivers installed, we were ready to go. I will be posting videos of the coolness of this machine.  In addition, I will be doing a series on how you can use Visual Studio to write code against the multi-touch interface ( although you will find these on my development blog at .   Stay tuned for some cool video demonstrations of what you can do with this machine.

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Digital LA – Digital Drinks @Boulevard3

DLABoulavard3Are you going to DigitalLA this Friday? I will be there. If you have not attended one of these events then you are missing out. It is a great networking event for those in the Social Networking Social Media Field. They usually run twice a month and go back and forth between a Panel/Mixer and Mixer Only format.  This one will be at Boulevard3 in LA and should be a great event. Make sure you pre-register for the evnet($10) , it usually sells out.  Information is below.



Title: Digital LA – Digital Drinks @ Boulevard 3
Location: Boulevard 3
Link out: Click here
Description: We are an informal networking organization of professionals and friends in
online entertainment, marketing, advertising, and tech in Los Angeles.

Attendees work at WB, Sony, FOX, Paramount, MySpace, Google,
Yahoo!, Disney, Paramount, CAA, WMA, ABC, NBC, Activision, EA,
and other entertainment, studios, agencies, and tech companies.
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2009-07-10
End Time: 22:00

Cubs Cubs Cubs

Zambrano2 I have been a life long Cubs fan ( I know, I know, don’t say it ). So when I turned 40 we flew to Chicago to see my family and catch a cubs game. We had a great time and I took a TON of pictures. This was one of my favorites. No retouch, no photoshop, not paint (lol). The sun was shining through the upperdeck bleachers onto the back of this guys jersey.

And to top it off, Zambrano is by favorite Cub. He pitches, fights, AND hits homeruns.. how can you not like him.