Syncing my PowerShell profile between machines



Ok.. once again we are on the topic of PowerShell.  This is a simple tip but is helpful if you use different machines for your development. I use three different machines, and as you can see by a few of my posts, I have a few modifications to my PowerShell Profile.


So it is import for me to have all of my machines use the same profile in order to keep them in sync.  In order to do this I have a profile named SharedPowershell_profile.ps1 located in my dropbox (one drive others will work as well).  Then in the profile on my local machine, my profile looks like this.






I do this on all of my machines, and so whenever I make a change to the shared profile all of the machines get the change.

That’s it :)

If you are looking at doing this in a more secure way, or on a file share, check out the post by Jason Helmick