Remote Debugging Node on a Raspberry Pi

raspberry-logoI have been working on a project called Wackcoon (more on that later) that uses Node and runs on a Raspberry pi.  Like all development projects, I needed to debug not only my work but sometimes errors being thrown from node modules that I am using. Wrapping up my code in Try/Catch blocks and sending the error to console.log() got old really fast.  Since I could not test locally since I am running Linux on the raspberry pi,  I wanted to use Visual Studio Code to remote debug my project on the raspberry pi device itself.

The raspberry pi is on my network at home so on the pi I rand a ifconfig command to get the ip address of the device.

Then I went to Visual Studio Code and clicked on the debug icon (little bug in figure below)  I also made sure that Attach was selected in the debug dropdown on top.


Next I modified my launch.json file.  This is created the first time you run debug ( the green arrow ) .  In the launch.json file there are two sections.  One configuration is for launch ( debugging locally) and the other is for attaching to a already running process.  I put in the IP address that I got in the last step.


Now on the raspberry pi, I open a terminal and run the app using the –debug-brk option.  I can also just use the –debug option but the first one will have the application pause and wait for me on the first line of my code.


Now when I start my debug in Visual Studio Code (green arrow) you can see that it is sitting in break mode at line one.


I can set breakpoints, step in, step over, Step out, add watches, etc.. since this is being streamed from the pi, I cannot modify it on the fly like you can when you debug locally but still pretty cool.

Hope this helps




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    Very nice way to debug without much effort, at least for us the reader after you figured it out.

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