Adding Windows 8 Features to a Game Maker Game

Download Template Here :

As is true for any platform, you want to make sure that you take advantage of the possibilities that the platform gives you.  Building Games for Windows 8 is no different.  In Windows you will sometimes NEED and sometimes WANT to add Windows 8 Functionality.

For example, when a game is put into snap mode (As shown below) you will need to handle this event, pause your game, and show an image in the snap mode.  This is unless you plan on allowing users to play while in snap mode.  I can see that for only a few possible games.  For most you will want to pause.









In addition to this, if you plan on having your application connect to the internet for things like online leader boards. You will need to implement a privacy policy ( which is located on the settings charm).  Your application will fail certification if this is not included.









This, of course goes hand in hand with declaring Internet Use in your Global Game Settings.











Finally, there are a couple of things you may WANT to implement. First is the Share Charm.  This can be used to share a screenshot, text, URL or other items that can help your app get more exposure by having users share your application with friends.









And last but not least.  Is implementing an app bar in your game.  You can place many of your Game Commands here if you wish.








I have included these items in a sample project and have commented it extensively.  If you need help implementing this in your own game or need further clarification on anything in the game, just ask.

Download Template Here :