Working with WP7

The launch of the much anticipated Windows Phone7 (WP7) is just around the corner and with it will be the launch of the Windows Phone MarketPlace for WP7.  Now is the time to get the application you have been thinking about for years under way.  There is absolutely nothing stopping you. The tools are completely free and can be found here 


Starting next week I will begin a series of how-to blog posts/screen casts (depending on the amount of code) that will take you through everything you need to know to get started on WP7.  Among other things we will cover (Not necessarily in this order) :

  • The tools and environment
  • Working with the Emulator
  • Push Service \ Live Tiles
  • Location Based Services
  • Launchers and Choosers
  • The other Sensors (Accelerometer, Proximity,  Compass, etc..)
  • Multi-Touch
  • And More
  • Unlocking and Installing on the phone
  • Marketplace and Developer Resources

Start looking for these posts coming next week.  If you have a request for a post or a question you need answered feel free to post a comment or send me an email.

Happy Coding

Daniel Egan

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