Remote Debugging to your Surface Machine

So since the Microsoft Surface is out today, I thought I would do a post to show people how to do remote debugging to test it on their ARM device.  I know for me, it has been quite a while since I had the need to do any remote debugging but since your Windows Store apps will run on ARM devices, you will want the ability to do this.

The first thing you want to do is go to the desktop of your SURFACE Device.


Yes, there is a desktop, it will just allow you to do a limited amount of things ( including installing these debugging tools)

Open up internet explorer and go to the Visual Studio Download section.

Go to the section for Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2012


Download the Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2012 For ARM (last one)


The the prompt asks you, select the Run button.


Follow the prompts to install the Remote tools for Visual Studio


When complete you will have an icon for Remote Debugger on your start screen


Click this to start the remote debugger.

The first time it starts it will ask you to configure the Remote Debugger


Just click on the configure button.  ( note, If it asks you to, install the Web Services API,,,, mine did not)

The Remote Debugging Monitor will then appear.


NOTE:  Both machines must be on the same network for this to work.

Now go to your Visual Studio Project and select Remote Machine from the dropdown


In the Remote Debugger Connections Window Select your device.


Run your project….

NOTE: The first time you run your project to the remote machine, it will ask you to download a developer license for the machine.  Follow the prompts to do this.

The next time you run your project, it will run on your Surface machine.  And if you pop over to the desktop on your surface machine, you will see it connected in the monitor.



Happy Programming

Daniel Egan – The Sociable Geek

Windows Phone Windows 8 Resources

I have done this before in previous posts but I wanted to have an easy way to point developers to great resources when you are building Windows Phone or Windows 8 applications. If you ever want to get back to this page you can just go to  (Standing for Windows Phone Windows 8 Resources). I will add to this page often and keep building on it. In addition, I will have one set or resources going forward and will only notate when it is specific to either.


Modern UI Icons (FREE) 

Design Help

MetroGridHelper. A visual guide overlaid on your application –

MetroGrid Component for Windows Phone (Based on code above)


Advertising sizes available for Windows 8 using Microsoft Advertising


Transferring Phones

Free Contacts Transfer application for Nokia phones

Windows store Now open for Developers

imageThis is a great time for Developers.  We are at a great time to make an impact with Windows 8.  If you want to get in on the action, read below.

At every major Windows 8 development milestone – Release Preview, Consumer Preview, RTM – we’ve added markets toward our commitment to a truly global offering. We often hear from those who don’t yet have support in their market, and we’ve said we’ll keep expanding. Today’s 82 additional markets more than doubles our support toward enabling developer opportunity everywhere there’s a developer with desire. And as we’ve said before, we will just keep going. You can check out the complete list of supported markets on the Dev Center.

We’re also announcing a number of additional subscription program offerings that recognize and thank developers for their interest and commitment to Windows. All eligible MSDN subscribers receive a free, one-year Windows Store developer account as part of their MSDN benefits. (Eligible subscriptions include Visual Studio Professional, Test Professional, Premium, Ultimate, and BizSpark.) We have a program for students—DreamSpark—that similarly waives the subscription fee. And we have an offer for businesses in our BizSpark program, as well.

Throughout the Windows Store preview stages,


Daniel Egan- The Sociable Geek

$200,000 in Win8 App Prizes

Windows RT App Developer Contest

Developers: send us your most innovative, creative, and original Windows RT-style apps for the 2012 Windows RT App Developer Contest by Qualcomm.

Five winners will be chosen for $200,000 in prizes and marketing support from Qualcomm. One overall and four individual categories offer developers the chance to be recognized for work in the areas of connectivity, gaming, productivity, and peer-to-peer.

Together with Microsoft, Qualcomm is leading the way to create a rich new set of experiences for Windows RT devices. Be a part of it.

HURRY Submission Deadline is October 1st

You can register here. 

The categories are below

  1. Best Overall App – $100,000 Prize
    Judging Criteria:
    • Highest scoring app overall
  1. Best Connectivity Use Case – $20,000 Prize
    Judging Criteria:
    • Unique use of an always-on, always-connected solution
    • Ease of access
    • Incorporation of roaming user profiles
  1. Best Gaming App$20,000 Prize
    Judging Criteria:
    • Originality of game concept
    • Fun to play and addictive (player wants to keep playing)
  1. Best Produtivity App – $20,000 Prize
    Judging Criteria:
    • Efficient streamlining of process or task
    • Performs a single task in a new or interesting way or creates a natural mashup of tasks
  1. Best Use of AllJoyn – $40,000 Prize
    Download the AllJoyn SDK (Beta) for Windows RT
    Judging Criteria:
    • Most innovative use of AllJoyn (proximity-based peer-to-peer)

HURRY Submission Deadline is October 1st

You can register here.

Get your Windows 8 App into the Windows Store

Windows 8 is coming in the near future. You can download, use it, and develop apps for it today.  As of May 2012, the Windows Store is not open for everyone to deploy.  However, we are looking for the first wave of great applications which highlight the power of Metro and Windows 8, especially from developers who want to get to market first and build their brand.

In order to submit your application today you need a token.  This is something I can help you get.

  1. Create a great application or game.
  2. Let me know about it by contacting me via my email. (Put Win8App in the subject)
  3. I’ll help you register so you can get your application through our Application Accelerator Labs, where the app will get reviewed to confirm it’s complete and conforms to the Metro guidelines and certification requirements.

This is a great opportunity to not only be first to market with your app, but also to get feedback from a Microsoft Services Engineer to make your app great. If you are serious about creating an application, this is a chance that you probably don’t want to pass up.

In addition, our team is holding a series of events and office hours to help you.  We want to make sure you have what you need to be successful. Come learn more about how to build apps for Windows 8, or show up and build your app with one of our evangelists or others in the community.

Windows Developer Camps (to learn about Windows 8 development):

Windows Application Accelerator Labs (to build your app):

  • Redmond, WA.  May 15 – 17, 2012. Register
  • Mountain View, CA.  May 22 – 24, 2012. Register

Note that to get a Windows Store token, you’ll still need to contact me  to get your app reviewed.

Installing Windows Phone on Win 8

If you have installed windows 8 and want to do development on windows phone using the Windows Phone developer tools, you will need to have an actual device since the emulator at this point does not play nicely with the Hyper V installed on Windows 8.  But since I installed it on my main machine, I still want to do phone dev on it.  If you try to install the Windows Phone SDK 7.1  you may run into the following error.


If you have this error come up, here are the steps to get around it.

Download and install the latest version of the Games for Windows – LIVE



Click on CLOSE when it ends.

Rerun the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 setup and choose to repair it.  This will re-run the previously failing XNA  Game Studio installers.


To learn more about why this works, or if this does not fix your issue, Check out Aarons blog post on getting it to work on Windows 8

When done you should see this.


And you are good to go (with a real device that is)… I am working on seeing if I can get a work around for the emulator.  I will let you know.


Install Windows 8 From USB

If you want to install the Windows 8 Developer Preview from a USB, you can follow the instructions below.


Download the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool [USB Download Tool]

 Download Windows 8 Developer Preview from Windows Developer Center. Make sure you are downloading the iso image.  If you are not sure  if your processor is 32-bit or 64-bit ready, getthe 32-bit .iso file.

Insert a USB drive into your computer. (It must have 8GB or greater storage capacity ).

Install the Windows 7 USB Download tool you downloaded from the MS Store




Launch Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool you installed.

When it launches select the ISO file you downloaded earlier by clicking on “Browse”.




Select the USB Drive you inserted earlier. It must be 8GB or over and everything will be erased.






Let it run its course….




Once the tool is done, you will need to restart your PC with the USB plugged in.

On start up, you will need to enter the BIOS utility of your computer and boot from the USB. This is different for different computers.  If you need help, just do a  search for Entering Bios for your specific PC.  In BIOS you need to make USB one of the bootable drives.

Once booted from the USB drive; follow on-screen instructions to install Windows 8 Developer Preview.