T3P #1 Setting up for IPhone Dev


The Tale of 3 Platforms Series (T3P) is the story of creating the same application NATIVELY on each platform IPhone, Windows Phone, and Android. (If you are looking to use phone gap for cross platform, check out my other series Phone Gap Tutorials) As we build the application we will talk about tips, tricks, and try to get the app to work on each platform the same way.

The first thing i had to do was go out a buy myself a Mac.  Something that was good enough to do dev on without breaking the bank.  I found a great deal at Best Buy (open box AND Rebate) for a MacBoo Air.  Installed Bootcamp (And Windows 7) and we were on our way.


On a side note before we begin, I will say that it has been interesting to get back up to speed on a Mac. I have owned them in the past, but when you need to actually do things on one (besides email and web) it can be a real time drag to get comfortable.  For example, I needed a blog post editor like Live Writer, (since I am doing this post from the Mac). It turns out that Live Writer is the MAN (or errrr ummm the Writer).  I am using MarsEdit right now but can’t see spending the $40 it costs when my trial is over when it is so weak compared to Live Writer. There are a couple that are supposed to be better but they don’t work on Lion.   Another thing that took me a while is Screen Capture.  I figured out how to finally do it on a Mac : Ctrl +Cmnd+4+tab+stand on your head,  but it only allowed me to copy to clipboard or to desktop, no edit.  As you can see above, sometimes you need to blot something out.  Anyway, after some searching, I found a program called Skitch that is free and seems to do the job.   So I think that I have now realized that I am going to be dealing with a few non-dev issues before I can really get a nice dev flow going.

In addition to the above… I came to realize that I did not have enough room to do bootcamp on this machine.  This was the first thing that was really easy to fix (Thanks to my buddy Scott Cate) I just had to go to Finder and open up the bootcamp assistant and then three steps later, the mac had reclaimed the space.


OK… Back to our IPhone Setup.

The first thing I did was to sign up as a developer at apple. https://developer.apple.com/ .  This cost $99 dollars and took a few emails and about a day or so before I was “part” of the developer program.  On the developer site, there are Getting Started Videos and Getting Started Documents.  The videos seemed to be for development topics like “implementing in app purchases” or “Game Center Essentials”. So I went to the “Getting Started Documents” section. There I found the “Start Developing IOS apps today” document.  This looked like the right place.

Start Developing with IOS


The first page stated :

As you proceed through the road map, you will use Xcode and the iOS SDK, Apple’s tools for app development. You will learn the basics of programming with Objective-C, the language that powers all iOS apps and frameworks, and will explore the Cocoa Touch frameworks. You will create a simple iOS app and learn how to test it on a device. Finally, you will learn how to submit an app to the App Store.


Seems easy enough…

So first I went to the App Store to Download XCode



But when I tried to install it, it said Sorry Charlie.



As you can see above… I have 10.7.2.  So I need to update the mac os.


OK… Mac updated to 10.7.3 now… I went back to the App Store to Install Xcode and now it lets me install.




Once this is complete, there is a Developer Folder on my Desktop with all the tools I need for development (I think) :).

In the next post we will start with a simple Hello World app before we move on to Android.

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The Tale of 3 Platforms

It was the best of times… it was the worst of times….  ok..ok… it is really the best of times to me.  The tech world continues to push all things into a mobile format and I am loving it.

I certainly have my opinions on operating systems, and ease of development, and best IDEs etc… but I thought I would put this to the test with a multi platform development approach.  Starting next week, I will be doing the same application on all three platforms (or possibly 6 if I include IPad, Android Tablet and Win 8 later).   The application is called Uncorked, and it is a way to log and rate your wine collection.  It will include the following features :

1) The use of a Wine API to store my data

2) The ability to scan my bottle to either look up or rate the bottle

3) Room for tasting notes

4) Saving of label pictures

5) And a few data points, price, when to drink by, purchase date, and info about the wine.

V1 will keep it simple so we can write all three in a quick fashion (I hope).

I will start from absolute 0… Brand new machine ( which I will blog about), install of tools, testing, patterns, etc…

I will not be using Phone Gap for this project ( But will be doing another series along side this one using phone gap and a different app)

Feel free to comment, make request, help out, debate, or just read the series.  I hope you get as much out of it as I hope to.


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