WP7 Developer Phones


If you are looking to test your WP7 Application on a device as the next step from the emulator then I may be able to help. I have a limited number of WP7 Prototype devices that will allow you to test your application on a real phone.  Please keep in mind that these ARE NOT the released versions of the phones but are the PROTOTYPES. 


In my dealings with developers one of the greatest advantages of using  one of these devices is how it helps you smooth out your UI.  As great as the emulator is at testing your application, nothing beats trying it on a real device.  Think of it as midway between the Emulator and the Production Devices.


So if you just renewed your plan and cant get one of the $199.00 devices right now, hit me up.  These will be first come first serve with the following caveats.


1) You need to be able to show me you are developing an application (screenshots, video, etc…)

2) You need to show me that you are signed up as a developer on the marketplace.  ( You cant unlock the phone to test on it without one of these)

3) These phones have been through the paces with other developers AND are prototypes.  I hope they can help you test but I wont be able to support them going forward.

4) I can only ship these inside the US.


I hope these can help the developers that are working on an app but don’t have the new phone yet.


If and when there are production phones available to devs (I have no idea if there will be, nothing has been announced), I will let you know.


Finally, if you live in the SoCal area and would like to test on a production device (The Samsung Focus)  I would be happy to meet you at either the LA or Irvine office so you can test it on my personal device.


Email me at Daniel.Egan (at) Microsoft.com