Adding Users to BizSpark\Azure

One of the common questions I get is how to add additional users to your Azure / Bizspark account.

This is actually two different questions.

1) Add a user to be able to administer your Azure account

If you add a user to your Azure account it allows them to make modifications (spin up VMs create cloud services, modify active directory, etc..)

2) Add a User to your BizSpark account

Adding a user to your bizspark account DOES NOT add them to YOUR Azure account, what it does is gives them the ability to have their own Azure Sandbox to test and play around with.

Both of these things are valuable but it is important to know the difference and how to set them up.


Adding an administrator to your account.

To get started the account owner needs to sign on to their azure account at

Once they do this they will need to scroll down on the left hand side and click on settings.

Next they would click near the top middle where it says ADMINISTRATORS

And finally, click on the ADD icon at the bottom of the screen


Next they would need to add the MicrosoftID of the person that will be an administrator. This needs to be a Microsoft account (if they don’t have one they can sign up for one at )

Check the name of the subscription you want to add them to (In most cases there will be only one)

click on the checkmark at the bottom of form when done.


Once this is done they can sign on to and start using the account.

NOTE : If they already had a subscription connected to the Microsoft ID added in the step above, there will be one more step.

If they already had an account associated with that ID when they sign onto  they will now see a Subscriptions menu item up next to their name.

To work on the subscription they were just added to, they will need to

Click on Subscriptions

Select the subscription from the dropdown

Click on the Apply button.



They will now be accessing the the account they were just added to.


Adding a user to your BizSpark account

Remember, this will not add them as and administrator to your azure account like above (although you can do both), but this will add them to your BIZSPARK benefit so they can have their own Azure subscription to test and play around in without using up any resources or credits in the main account.
(Thank you Bret Stateham, this was taken from part of his BizSpark Enrollment tutorial.  Head over there for more information

The first thing you need to do is to go to 

Sign in using your MicrosoftID and then click on My BizSpark



· Then, under the “Manage” heading, click the “add or delete members” link


· Scroll down on the “Manage” page, and click the “+ Add” link, then complete the fields to add the new member (you will need to know the member’s Microsoft Account).  If they don’t have one, they can sign up for one at (I can provide steps if needed) ( I think that is shows only 7 people can be added.  If more is needed, let me know and I will check into that for you.)


· When you press enter, the row will be added, and the membership status will be “Pending” while an invite email is sent to the Microsoft Account email address.


· When the member receives their invitation email, they can use the link in the email to activate their membership


· When they follow the link provided, they will need to sign into as their Microsoft Account:


· Then complete the enrollment with their Phone, and by Agreeing to the program:




· Once enrolled, they can use the steps described above to download software from MSDN and to activate their Azure benefit, and more!


To see how the added user can add their Azure Benefit, head here 

Hope that helps.