GameOn Event Resources

If you attended the GameOn event where we showed you how to build Windows 8 Games using GameMaker Studio, I mentioned a few resources that will help you on your journey to building your first game.  You will find these resources below.


GameOn Sample Timeline to get you from start to finish before the June 30th Deadline.

If  you are new to Game Maker and designing games, you may find it helpful to have a rough schedule of how to section out your time so that you can finish your game before the deadline of June 30th.   Since you will need the game to be in the Windows 8 Store by June 30th to be part of the contest you will need to plan accordingly. This gives us 15 days to work with.


Day 1: Ideas, Story / Character building,

On this first day, there are some decisions you need to make.

  • What type of game you are going to make (Platformer, Endless Runner, Maze, Physics Game)
  • What is the “Story” of your game.  Who is the good guy, who is the bad guy/s, possible obstacles, etc.
  • Maybe testing code fragments to see how long an idea might take to code

In this phase you want to make sure you are realistic in your idea.  Make sure it is something you can complete in the days required. (Don’t try to recreate DOOM in 5 days)


Days 2,3 & possibly 4: Sample artwork,  building the engine, testing everything as you go

In this phase you are working with “placeholder” artwork while you figure out your game.  Whether you download it or create stick figures, you will use this to do testing. In addition,  you will start with possibly one level, making sure characters work as expected (jumping, sliding, running etc) and that characters react the way they should in collisions, that bullets fire correctly (if you have any), that gravity is set correctly, etc.  This is where you will be testing out your gameplay.  This MAY turn into your first level OR just might be a testbed for things, it all depends.  Make sure you have all of the Windows 8 specific features implemented during this section.  Most, if not all, can be copied from many of the starter kits that can be found on the Resource Page.


Day 5&6: Assets GFX, sound, etc, which will have been planned in day 1

In this phase you will be creating the assets for your game.

  • Characters
  • Ground
  • Backgounds
  • Sound Effects

Make sure you are creating characters that can be worked on quickly.  Like a 4 image walk cycle instead of a 12, etc… this will keep you within scope



Days 7, 8 & possibly 9: Level design, building rooms

Once you have built your engine, you will want to start building multiple\levels or rooms.  This of course will depend on the type of game, for an endless runner you would plan on how to make it increasingly difficult and engaging.  You will use the pieces you built in the last section to pump out rooms quickly.   After doing one or two rooms, settle on how many rooms you think you can do in the time allotted (don’t over estimate) because you want to make sure the last room has some closure for the user.  Did they rescue someone, or win a prize, or escape to another world (Where you can add more levels later on with and update)


Day 9/10: Testing

This is both, testing for bugs and testing for good gameplay.  Have other people play the game and give you feedback (Incorporate what you have time for).  If you want to use Debug mode you will have to test using “Windows” mode instead of Windows 8 (Native or JS)  this will help you pinpoint and track little oversights by letting you follow variables more closely.


Day 10 – 15 Submission to the Windows 8 store.

In this section, you will package up your game (information on resource page) and submit to the Windows 8 store.  You will want to give it pleanty of time so that it is approved and in the store by June 30th.


Good Luck and happy Gaming.



Adding Windows 8 Features to a Game Maker Game

Download Template Here :

As is true for any platform, you want to make sure that you take advantage of the possibilities that the platform gives you.  Building Games for Windows 8 is no different.  In Windows you will sometimes NEED and sometimes WANT to add Windows 8 Functionality.

For example, when a game is put into snap mode (As shown below) you will need to handle this event, pause your game, and show an image in the snap mode.  This is unless you plan on allowing users to play while in snap mode.  I can see that for only a few possible games.  For most you will want to pause.









In addition to this, if you plan on having your application connect to the internet for things like online leader boards. You will need to implement a privacy policy ( which is located on the settings charm).  Your application will fail certification if this is not included.









This, of course goes hand in hand with declaring Internet Use in your Global Game Settings.











Finally, there are a couple of things you may WANT to implement. First is the Share Charm.  This can be used to share a screenshot, text, URL or other items that can help your app get more exposure by having users share your application with friends.









And last but not least.  Is implementing an app bar in your game.  You can place many of your Game Commands here if you wish.








I have included these items in a sample project and have commented it extensively.  If you need help implementing this in your own game or need further clarification on anything in the game, just ask.

Download Template Here :






Day 5 – Photo A Day May (Zoom)

OK… for those of you that are following this to see some creativity in photography, you may be disappointed in todays picture.

Ever since I looked at the list for May and saw that day 5 was Zoom… I  could not get out of my head the song from a T.V. Show that I used to watch when I was a kid call, what else, Zoom.  It was a poor mans Mickey Mouse Club.  It had a weird language called something like Ubby Wubby Nubby Tubby or something like that and had kids to a bunch of funny skits (well funny to me because I was a kid).

I really couldn’t find a good picture so to keep it in the theme, I took a pic of my screen :)













You can see the opening credits here :

It really brought back some memories. Does anyone else remember this?

Tomorrow is High Angle… .So I will get back to the “real” shots.


Day 4 – Photo a Day May (Black & White)

Since this day was “Black and White”  it could have really been anything so I took some liberty with this one.













Although now that I think of it, I should have done a Starwars themed pic…  Oh Well.

Tomorrow is Zoom…. Zoom, Zoom,  Zoom……


Day3 – Photo A Day May (Glass)

It’s getting pretty hot here in Southern California but the mornings have been awesome.  The early morning and late afternoon sun sets the stage perfectly for my Glass picture.  Bonus points if you can tell me what the bottles were in their previous life.





















Tomorrow is Black and White… that leaves it pretty wide open.  We will have to see :)



Bonus Pics:  I had a little friend visit while I was shooting.  I think he was thirsty.

















Day 2 – Photo A Day May (Bold Color)

So todays Challenge was Bold color.  One of the things I love about my house is the back yard.  It is fully stocked and spring just makes everything come alive.  This is one of the bogonvias we have in the backyard with the morning sun hitting it.  I hope it does it justice because it looks great in person.















Tomorrows picture is Glass… hmmmm not sure what I am going to do for that.


Day 1 – Photo A Day May (Yourself)











I know, not very inventive but at least I started.  I am not sure if I look angry or tired… or a little of both.

I am looking forward to tomorrows picture which is Bold Color.





Being a developer evangelist is a  fun filled and action packed job.  It takes me to new places and forces me to learn new things.  That is one of the best parts of my job, is learning new things, but it also keeps me very busy.  A few months back someone asked me what I did with my time when I was not working, or what were my hobbies?   It was interesting because I am in this profession (Software development) because I love it.  I live and breathe it, so I had to think about that for a few minutes because I realized I really was not giving myself time for my hobbies.   Besides spending time with my family, there are really things I like to do, and many of you I am sure are unaware of what they are.  Gardening (Vegetables) and Photography.

I have been wanting to spend more time with my camera ( A Cannon 60D) and so I thought I would take up the challenge that is set forth in A Photo A Day May.  Its simple, a photo a day for every day in march.  If you do a search for this you will find many lists that have been put together to help guide you (Although you don’t have to use these).  I selected the one you see here on the left.  So I will be posting one picture a day here (and probablly Facebook, Flickr, and Pinterest) for every day in month.  Wish me luck.  I dont think it is easy as it sounds. :)