NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016


Houston! We have Apps!

It’s that time of year again, and we are here to help. If you are participating in this years NASA Space Apps Challenge, below you will find the resources you need to do cool stuff like, Machine Learning, Facial Recognition, emotion tracking and more.

How can we help?

But first things first, to get started, you will need to grab yourself some free Microsoft Cloud to do your computations, and Microsoft Azure has you covered.

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Getting Connected – Setting up your Azure Pass

You should have received and Azure Pass from your organizer, all you need to do is take that card and head over to for step by step instructions on how to get set up.

Getting Started Tutorials

Project Oxford

Project Oxford allows developers to create smarter apps, which can do things like recognize faces and interpret natural language even if the app developers are not experts in those fields.

  • oxford2Visual tools: This service can analyze visual content to look for things like inappropriate content or a dominant color scheme. It also can detect and understand text in photos, such as a team name, and can sort photos by content, such as pictures of beaches, animals or food. Finally, it can automatically edit photos down to a recognizable and useful thumbnail for easy scanning.


  • oxford 1Face recognition: This technology automatically recognizes faces in photos, groups faces that look alike and verifies whether two faces are the same. It can be used for things like easily recognizing which users are in certain photos and allowing a user to log in using face authentication. It’s the same technology that is behind this fun new website that guesses how old a person looks based on a photograph.


Machine learning

ml1A fully managed cloud service that enables you to easily build, deploy, and share predictive analytics solutions. Azure Machine Learning means business. You can deploy your model into production as a web service in minutes—a web service that can be called from any device, anywhere and that can use any data source

Virtual Machines


Internet of Things

Web Apps

Grab the Meetup Slides

Get Inspired

If you are looking for some inspiration for your hack, check out the video below.

Space Apps New York City