Bring on the WP7 Games

I admit it! I am not a gamer. Or at least I have not been one since my last game of Zaxon. But things are about to change.  Between Kinect for XBox 360 coming out and all of the games that are going to be on the now Wp7, I am sold.


Check out this mini montage of WP7 games.



Or go to the engadget story to get the lowdown on how cool the experience is on the WP7.  Judge for yourself and let me know what you think. 


Daniel Egan – DotNetDoc

Windows Phone 7 Unleashed

Attention Developers!!  There are only a few seats left for this (BYOL – Bring your own Laptop) Event THIS SATURDAYYou must register now!.
Windows Phone 7 is HOT! Come check out Windows Phone 7 Unleashed for everything you need to know to develop for WP7. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or you’re just starting with .NET development, there’s something in it for you.



There will be Windows Phone 7 handsets at the event to test on.

DATE:               Saturday, August 21, 2010
LOCATION:      Microsoft Irvine Office
                          3 Park Plaza, Suite 1600
                          Irvine, CA 92614

TIME:              9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


The first half of this deep dive event is lecture and hands on lab. At the half point mark of the day, you’ll have a solid foundation for building WP7 applications.
The second half of the day is going straight to code. Build the best app and have a chance to win a great prizes!
In order to deliver the best possible experience for attendees, seating at these events is VERY limited. Register now!


Session 1 – Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Programing.
In this session, we start with a discussion of windows phone, the architecture changes made from 6.5 to 7.0, the hardware specifications and then move into the beginnings of building a WP7 application including :
1)      Sensor overview
2)      Application life cycle
3)      Splash screen and the importance of 1 second / 19 second loading
4)      Files associated with project template
5)      Application Bar
6)      Live Tile
7)      Application Icon
The session will end with a brief discussion of the Windows phone 7 Marketplace before the entering into the HOL.
HOL – The screens that will be built during this session are:
·         Project Set-up
·         Live Tile
·         Splashscreen
·         Home Screen with Application Bar

Session 2 – Connecting to Services
In this session, we will discuss how Cloud Services help to bring power to the phone.  We will be binding to a rest based services and show how to search and display the information received.  In this session we will also talk about Navigation, passing information between screens, simple page animations while working with List and detail information.
HOL – The screens that will be built during this session are:
·         Search Screen
·         Display Screen
·         Detail Screen
·         Additional Application Bars
Session 3 – Recording Data
In this session we will be working with the Camera to capture and crop photos, record audio files, take notes, saving location, sharing (sending emails and SMS messages – and if time permits sending to twitter or FB) and saving everything using isolated storage.  We will discuss tombstoning and how it effects your application process, including the when, where and whys of saving state).
HOL – The screens that will be built during this session are:
·         Add New Wine
·         Record Audio
·         Picture Capture and Crop
·         My Wines
 Session 4 – XNA on Windows Phone 7 with Sam Stokes


In order to deliver the best possible experience for attendees, seating at these events is VERY limited. Register now!

WP7 vs Blackberry OS 6

Are you still deciding if WP7 is going to hit big?  I know I am quite obviously bias but it has been great to see the way in which people are embracing the phone even though it is not yet finished.   In this Engaget Show, check out the comparison between Blackberry OS6 (first half of video) vs WP7.  Its been a while since people have said ANYTHING good about a windows phone. 


Tell me what you think. And if you are in my area, come to my next event and I will show you in person.


Happy Coding — Daniel Egan (DotNetDoc)

Don’t miss PDC10

Microsoft PDC 2010 - Live from the Microsoft Campus


October 28-29, 2010  >>  Redmond  (Microsoft Campus)



PDC is coming and you don’t want to miss this historic PDC – this is the first time we’ve ever held the event on the Microsoft campus.  Because we’re on campus this year, attendees will enjoy unprecedented access to campus facilities, Microsoft developers and product teams.  The venue and audience are smaller, which opens up a lot more opportunities for an amazing event. 

This event is selling out quickly.  Once we hit top capacity, we will be unable to accommodate any further registrations – so register now to secure a spot at the event.


clip_image001[4]To learn more, check out this video by event owner (Jennifer Ritzinger) and keynote owner (Mike Swanson) host a 10-minute, behind-the-scenes preview of content and event activities. Get the inside scoop on why this is going to be an exciting PDC and the type of content that attendees and viewers can expect.  .

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Want to test your WP7 App on a real device?


If you have been following Brandon Watsons blog at I am sure you have come across his posts about Windows Phone 7 Device requests.


In a follow up post, he stated that distribution will be through the Evangelists in the field.

         “but there’s a whole team of evangelists who will be getting the phones to developers.” ( )


Guess what?  That’s me!!  Well, one of them anyway. To be clear, I only have a few right now so I want to make sure that as many people as possible are able to test their WP7 App on a real device.  I may have more in the next few weeks but we will see.  By the way, for those that do not know, I am a Developer Evangelist in Southern California, so you must be in this area.  But don’t worry, I can help point you to your local developer evangelist that may be able to help.


So, if you want to test your app on a device contact me at any of the following :


Daniel (dot) Egan (at) Microsoft (dot) com

@DanielEgan on Twitter

or leave a comment here on how I can contact you.


Once you do, I will send you an email with more info.


Happy Coding!!


Daniel Egan – DotNetDoc  – The Sociable Geek

Working with WP7

The launch of the much anticipated Windows Phone7 (WP7) is just around the corner and with it will be the launch of the Windows Phone MarketPlace for WP7.  Now is the time to get the application you have been thinking about for years under way.  There is absolutely nothing stopping you. The tools are completely free and can be found here 


Starting next week I will begin a series of how-to blog posts/screen casts (depending on the amount of code) that will take you through everything you need to know to get started on WP7.  Among other things we will cover (Not necessarily in this order) :

  • The tools and environment
  • Working with the Emulator
  • Push Service \ Live Tiles
  • Location Based Services
  • Launchers and Choosers
  • The other Sensors (Accelerometer, Proximity,  Compass, etc..)
  • Multi-Touch
  • And More
  • Unlocking and Installing on the phone
  • Marketplace and Developer Resources

Start looking for these posts coming next week.  If you have a request for a post or a question you need answered feel free to post a comment or send me an email.

Happy Coding

Daniel Egan

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Free Windows Azure Training

windows_azure_small Hey SoCal Developers, this is something that you don’t want to miss.  If you are looking to get up to speed on Microsoft’s Cloud ServicesWindows Azure, then this is the event for you!!  Its FREE!!


This is  3 Day class that is absolutely FREE!!  Tuesday, December 15th – Thursday December 17th – 9am to 5pm each day. This is a instructor led / hands-on event.  (You will need to pay for parking. Parking is NOT validated)


Description :

The Microsoft Developer & Platform is pleased to announce a Metro Instructor Led Training event focused on Developers covering the Windows Azure Platform, for Microsoft Partners and customers. Delivered through workshop style presentations and hands-on lab exercises, the workshop will focus on three key services of the Windows Azure Platform – Windows Azure, SQL Azure and .NET Services.

This event is targeted at partners and customers who have projects that they are potentially looking to deploy to the Windows Azure Platform.


Attendee Prerequisites :

This workshop is aimed at developers, architects and systems designers with at least 6 months practical experience using Visual Studio 2008 and C#.


Agenda Topics

× An introduction to Windows Azure

× Working with Windows Azure storage

× An introduction to SQL Azure

× Building applications with SQL Azure

× An introduction to .NET Services

× Building solutions using the .NET Service Bus



Tuesday, December 15, 2009 9:00 AM – Thursday, December 17, 2009 5:00 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Microsoft Technology Center – Irvine

3 Park Plaza
Suite 1600 TBC Irvine California 92614
United States


To register please use the following link :

Or go to and use Event ID : 1032428626


Did I mention its FREE!! See you there!!

The Newly Designed

imageA funny thing happened on the way to my home page…. They changed it!  Well, kind of-sort of.  When I open up on my development PC, this is what I see. It’s much brighter than its predecessor and easier to navigate. In addition, it has added some cool social media integration into the lower right hand corner.


Not only will it show my Windows Live, Facebook, and Twitter feeds, but it will also let me post from hereimage as well.  I know this is not terribly new, but I did not expect it from It was a welcome surprise. 

Here is the funny part, not every user gets to see the new site. As a matter of fact, I get the old MSN page on every other computer in my house. In addition, when I do a Bing Search ;), I cant find anyone talking about it’s “New Design”. 

Finally, after searching every place I could think of, I found this one reference to it on its Wikipedia page , at the bottom of the page is this one line :


“On November 5 2009, Microsoft released a preview of their homepage and new logo. It’s expected to be widely available to over 100 million U.S. customers early next 2010.[21][22]


So, if unlike me, you don’t get the preview and want to see what it looks like, head over to

Let me know what you think.


The Geeks are Coming The Geeks are coming…

pdccloseup It’s that time of year again, where the annual migration of the animal know as Geekus Sofecteus (or Geek to you and me) visits the warm sunny weather of Southern California. They come from far and wide (or is it wide and far) to see what will be revealed at the PDC (Professional Developers Conference)


While I am attending the conference I will be blogging about the sessions I am in and the people that I meet, so stay tuned for PDC information overload.

Along with the great sessions that are delivered at the conference itself, there are always great parties during the week. Here is a list of the ones that I am aware of right not.


Monday ——-

Party with Palermo – 7pm-10pm – They Mayan –

PDC09 TweetUP  – 7:30- ???  – Hotel Figueroa  –

Visual Studio Documentary – PDC Attendees only –


Tuesday ——–

INETA Community Roundtable – 7:00 PMLA Convention Center –


Wednesday —–

PDC Underground – 7pm – 1am – Conga Room LA Live –


There will be more that I find out about as the week gets going so I will update hear about them.